Sunday, June 08, 2008

Update on Infrared

Hello Fellow Artists-

Here's a quick update. I am on a bit of a 'grail quest'. This blog has rekindled my interest in Infrared B&W Photography. I used to Shoot Kodak HIE B&W Infrared. Sadly this film has been discontinued. I have one roll left in my camera and am testing it against other types of B&W IR film. There are several other films on the market efke, rollei and ilford to name a few. From what I have read these films are varying sensitivities infrared spectrum and react differently than the venerable old kodak film with its glowing white trees and grasses and its dark skies. I will develop my first roll of rollei 120 infrared tonight. I have decide to develop the films at home and then have them scanned. So it may be a week or so before you see the results.
There are magical qualities to this film and it forces me to slow down because I am shooting on real film. It makes me happy to have a reason to shoot with film again, but I am used to the instant gratification of my digital workflow. This is helping me battle my all or none mentality...Ironically with black & white film.

Keep making art.

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