Sunday, June 01, 2008

Infrared Portraiture

When I was photographing weddings. Many (many, many) years ago. I decided to experiment with shooting a b&W infrared portrait of the bride and groom. It was a hit and become one of those things I did that everyone wanted included in their wedding photos.

This charming image is of my brother Doug and his wife Staci on their wedding day. The infrared film brings out dream like grainy quality. One of the tricks I learned was to photograph the bride and groom in a silhouette pose as IR film when shot thru a red filter to get the dream like quality does very strange things to people's eyes and the can end up looking really weird. Could be a great effect for shooting a rock band.... but not a wedding couple... well not most couples anyway.

technical data:
Shot with Konica TC 35 mm camera
40mm lens (focus adjusted for IR)
Dark Red Filter
1/60th second @ f11

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Janice Thomson said...

How soft, delicate and romantic Carl! Love this one.