Sunday, May 04, 2008

Painterly Effects in Photoshop

I normally tend to keep my photos separate from my paintings. but have been enjoying the work of my fellow bloggers out there who make paintings of their photos with programs like photoshop. One site that has been inspiring me is Janice Thomson's Beyond the Mind's Eye . So from time to time I'll post the results of my dabblings into this area that lies between my two pursuits of photography / watercolor. Let me know what you think. Today's image is the dogwood I photographed last week.

Keep on being artistic!

PS - topic of next post... What to do with that old 35mm camera?


Janice Thomson said...

Wow. Carl that is absolutely gorgeous! It has a Chinese look to it. Don't you just love all the filters and effects you can achieve?

Thank you for your kind words and mentioning the blog. What a delightful surprise.

Wenderina said...

This is my newest laptop wallpaper!