Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My First Camera

Hello fellow Artists:

For Christmas 1983 I got my first real camera from my folks. Not including the brownie hawkeye and the b+w polaroid that I played around with as a kid. It was a Konica Auto-Reflex TC SLR with a 40mm 1.8 lens. Talk about a workhorse of a first camera. It worked fine on manual if the battery died. Try that with the new Digital SLRs! and a was one of the last moderately priced 35mm cameras that had a metal blade shutter. I can't even begin to count how much film has gone thru this camera. It is a champ it shoots great even today and boy is that Konica 40mm lens sharp.

This leads me to a real quandary. I have fully embraced digital photography, but still have this great 35mm and an awesome medium format film camera... What do I do with them. They have been great tools and I don't want to turn my back on them, but with a fully integrated in house workflow how do I incorporate them. Here is what I came up with. I really enjoy Infra-Red B&W photography. This film is very sensitive and will fog right through the metal cartridge. So I load both of these cameras in a dark room shoot my IR film and then unload them in the dark and take to the lab in the dark plastic cans the film comes in. This gives me the freedom to shoot my Infra-red film with my 'trusty' old cameras. Everyone wins. On my next post I'll discuss How I shoot Infra-Red and give you some tips and tricks. I'll get a images printed up so I can scan them and share with you. Infra-Red Black and white has a surreal almost mystical quality to it. ... I know. I know you are saying Why not just reproduce the effect in photoshop? It can be done, but I don't want two of my favorite cameras to sit on the bench and miss all the action.

Keep Making Art

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Janice Thomson said...

I know very little about cameras so this will be interesting to follow.