Saturday, May 24, 2008

Long Awaited Post Number 50

Hello Fellow Artists-

Well here it is post number 50 (YEAH). I have been off the blogosphere for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that! Work has been insanely busy and while I love Art and it nourishes my soul... it don't pay the mortgage if ya know what I mean. At least not yet. Someday I will take the plunge and watercolor and photography will be my retirement career. Hopefully in about 15 years when i am still young enough to enjoy the rigors of hiking to the perfect spot at some ungodly hour of the morning. I want to thank everyone who wanders in and everyone who is a regular reader... Your comments encourage me to keep at it and push ahead with my art. Thanks also to my wife W. Without her love and support nothing is possible!

Next post is the long awaited discussion on infrared B&W photography.


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Wenderina said...

Ditto my love. Ditto.