Monday, May 26, 2008

Art is Everywere

Hello fellow Artists,

Once again I have learned the lesson that You do not need to travel far to find subjects for your art. This morning I packed up my photo gear and headed to the state park planning to hit some of my favorite spots and see what I could find. I found roads closed, waterlilies not in bloom yet and too early around here for mountain laurel... Dejected I headed home. I decided to take my gear out into the yard as I noticed in late afternoon yesterday that the light hitting my wife's Rhododendrons was just beautiful. I did not expect anything this morning, but what did I find that the sun had just crept up high enough to back light the flowers and with the help of a three foot round reflector I was able to get this great shot.

The lesson is not to try to force your photography(or painting) Let it come to you. This does not mean not to plan an expedition and learn what will be where when if you as planning is a great part of getting the best images. I am just saying be open to what is around you when things do not go according to plan.

Keep makin' art!


Wenderina said...

My? rhododendrons? Just for truth in advertising sake, I'd like to point out they were here when we moved in. I take no credit for the bounty that is our garden.

Janice Thomson said...

You are so right Carl. The things I'm finding in my own backyard as subjects for painting and/or photography is incredible - from the tiniest spider to the huge willow tree and everything in between.
Beautiful shot of your rhodos.