Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another Card

Hello Again Fellow Artists (and art lovers)

OK. SO I did not finish my post on Infra-Red B&W photography. I actually and waiting for some prints to get back from the lab (ah film!)

Here is the the card i painted for my Mom. It is from the Dogwood I photographed about a week ago. It has now been Photographed, Photoshop-Art, and Painted. I have gone full circle on this image. Go back thru the past couple of week's posts and tell me which you like best... Why.. It will be a fun debate! This week I'll get back to my posts about what to do with your old film camera.




Janice Thomson said...

LOL I figured you would get to that camera post sometime.
As much as I really liked the previous photo of the dogwood this one is breathtaking. I love the 3D look to the large flower. The background is lovely with the texturing and tones.
I think the simplicity of this little painting is what I admire the most.
Excellent Carl - your Mother will be so pleased I am sure :)

Carl said...


Thanks. I am really pleased with how my two little paintings worked out today. I have been doing so much photo stuff I was worried I'd lose my watercolor chops. It is good to know they are still there. This is the time of year when I start to go watercolor crazy.