Monday, May 12, 2008

Nobska Light

I think I was Channeling Edward Hopper last summer when I drove out to Nobska and painted this one. I took liberty with the nicely manicured green lawns and removed the fence.

I posted this one because I seem to be on a full-circle kick. When I ran across this painting on my drawing board I realized I had posted it also as a photoshop effect last week. It goes to show that the same subject can be inspiration for multiple works.

What subjects do you find so inspiring that you go back to them over and over?

Happy Painting!



Janice Thomson said...

This is a charming watercolor Carl. The soft colors are beautiful. I think as our techniques increase or grow stronger we see different things we could do to a painting that gives a whole new perspective - it's like looking inside the mind of an artist and watching him bloom into a work of art himself. Thought-provoking post.

Stacey Huston said...

Carl. wonderful. You are a multi tallented artist.. thanks for sharing.