Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A little More on HDR

After I posted my two posts of HDR (High Dynamic Range) images on Sunday my good friend Carl Skiba wrote to me and said hey that's cool I'd like to see the three images that went into making the HDR photo side by side so I can better understand what the HDR software did for the image.

The image at the top of the post is the HDR image after it was run through the software. The image below shows the three images used to put the file together. The one in the middle is the normal image from the cameras meter and the ones on left and right are over exposed one and half stops and under exposed one and a half stops. All three images were taken on a tripod in the exact same position.

While I like the original image (the middle of the grouping of three) you can clearly see how much more detail there is when you can take the best parts of all three images. essentially this allows you to capture a much wider exposure latitude than the cameras sensor is capable of in a single frame. A word of warning it is very easy to go too far and make fake looking images. That is not my goal here. For me it is another tool to help me get over the limitations of the camera and allow me to bring you the image the way I saw it when I captured it.

I hope you enjoyed this and look for more HDR images soon!

Keep Makin' Art!

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Wenderina said...

I think I just realized the only part the is unreal at all is the water, because it is a moving element in the picture so it has a super soft focus and other worldly look to it. On the three separate images I see specific edges to the waves.