Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another gem from the past...

I did not shoot today, but while I was combing through the archives I found this gem. It was taken in the early morning after a snowfall in Harriman State Park. I can still hear the crunch of snow underfoot while the first warm light of day made its way through the forest. Originally i had worked on the images of the fallen snow in the fields and the stark blue skies. this image was virtually ignored only for me to find it again today and spend some time coaxing the tones hidden in the original image. I normally edit each days shooting pretty harshly and delete what does not strike me as a winner that first day. I think from now on I may change my workflow and keep all images and move the winners out to a workflow folder to work on so I can review everything later. I hate to think of the strong images I may have thrown away over the years because i did not fall in love with them right away. Another reason to keep them is as I learn more uses of photoshop and new tools are developed I may be able to find magic in images i would have once thrown away. I found this lesson out the hardware recently when I got my HDR software and realized I had been tossing out my over and under bracketed shots.... How many amazing HDR shots I might have if I had not been editing so eagerly these past five years.... Food for thought.

Keep Makin' Art!


Victoria Fatum said...

It is a hard lesson to learn, isn't it? I have a habit of keeping every shot that *might* be worked on at some point... of course that the tendency of just filling up your hard drives!

This one was a great one to revisit! I need to get down there and wander that park one day this coming year!

Carl said...

It is well worth the trip. It is with in a 20 mile circle from home for me so on mornings where I am not finding it there I go to Skylands and vice versa.. and sometimes I just spend the whole day at both LOL.