Friday, November 13, 2009

What a week

Horseshoe Beach - Bermuda
I am adding this to my list of happy places! After the week we have had I would love to be there right now!
Keep Makin' Art


JeannetteLS said...

Beautiful. MAN, what a picture and place.

Krista Hasson said...

Wow what a place! I wish I could see that type of scenery

Dave King said...

Superb. Makes me feel I am there right now.

Carl said...

Hi All - This is one of my gavorite photos. Perfect day. I had scurried thru a narrow cave like hole in the rock and sand that was about 20 feet long and climbed up the side of a hill like a goat. If you knew jusy how uncoordinated I am you'd either be giggling or sure I was going to kill myself getting the shot. I took seveal shots up there, but this was by far the best composition. When I got home I made a small jpeg of this shot and somehow deleted the original.... I was left with a file big enough to maybe make a 5x7. Ughh can't tell you how bad I felt. I have only just started to go back at those shots to see if there is one I like.

Oh well a reason to go back.