Monday, November 09, 2009

Several more images for consideration

Hello Fellow Artists -

Well I am no closer to whittling my list down to a final top five for 2009, but I am posting a few more to talk about and comment on. Let me know what you think of them... and how they could be better.

I picked three horizontal shots this morning. Nothing thematically holds these three together other than I like the mood of the shots. For me they all speak of a peacefulness found in the quieter times of day or night.

Wildflowers - Dairy Farm - Vernon, NJ

There is a softness here in this shot that I like very much. It happened on my third visit to this location when I had let the noise in my mind quiet down and let the scene find me.

Moonset - Lake Askoti - Harriman State Park, NY

I was really thrilled with this shot. I had chased the moon that night and let the location unfold before me with just a vague idea of what I would end up with.

Sunrise - Nobska Light, Woods Hole, Ma

I have photographed and painted Nobska Light several times. It is a favorite subject of mine. In this shot I really found the beauty of the place that is quite different from how it looks in the daytime.
What are your thoughts?
Keep Makin' Art


Mama Lou said...

I am so glad you listened to your mind in the wildflower picture or it would not be on my wall now.
It is a favorite by sure and does make me feel serene and relaxed in its beauty.

Carl said...

Thanks Mom. Its one of my favorites from this year.


Kate Hanley said...

My favorite is the sunset over the lake. Not sure if it's because I used to camp in the Adirondacks (I think our life experiences inform our view of art, do you?) or because to me it speaks of peace and hopefulness in a way. I do like them all but the middle is my favorite.

JeannetteLS said...

The middle is my favorite too, but I think it is the asymmetry of it, along with the water, naturally.

I love the mood of the lighthouse, but because I am so... ummm.. off-center? For me, the thing that always draws me most is motion. It may be the size and resolution, though. I think that it might be that larger, the fence--that line of it drawing us up to the lighthouse would be more visible in the larger photograph.

I think it's my computer for the wildflowers. I can't see what is hidden there on the left, and my monitor undoubtedly doesn't do justice to the splace of another color there in the middle bottom.

I want to see BOTH the other two larger, on a better monitor than mine. So there. It's hard to critique when you are not a photographer, and when you basically love every darned picture you put here, but I'm trying to take your question seriously and figure out what speaks to me most.

Carl said...

Kate - many thanks for your thoughts and yes. We absolutely bring ourselves and our experiences to viewing art.

Jeanette - Thank You for putting so much effort into this and taking it so seriously. I appreciate your thoughts. I often find that some images and the wildflower shot is among them that lose some of their impact at such a small size. I did that shot as a 24x36 framed for my Mother-in-Law and it looks awesome. The light house also loses a little something at that size.
You may be able to see some of my stuff sooner. Fresh Paint Gallery finished their move sooner than they thought and are ready for me. So I will be driving three framed prints and a bunch of smaller matted ones up to the gallery on Sat 11/21 and they can be seen after that. I am ordering postcards to announce it tonight. It is very exciting.


Dave King said...

The third is my favourite. I can't imagine how it could be improved. The others do their job (of conveying feelings of tranquility) admirably.

Carl said...

Thank you Dave! - There is something I really enjoy about that shot that is hard to see on the blog post. There is a nice ground floor window on the light house. It gives off a nice warm glow like there is already somebody hard at work there. It kind of reminds me of a Ray Hendershot watercolor.