Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dover Stone Church Falls - Dover, NY

I took a drive to Dover, NY today. To see Dover Stone Church Falls . I had read about the falls a couple of years ago, but had not had the chance to get there. This spot was well worth the two hours I spent in the car each way. The shots you see here are the initial shots from today's first visit. I will be back again to get 'the perfect shot' when the season and time of day are just right. That said I think this was a beautiful location and I got some great shots. All in all it was an easy one mile walk from my car. There are a couple of ponds on the trail and an egret that is a little camera shy. I will definitely plan to come back and shot that too.
All in all a great day's shooting.
Tomorrow... an early start at a local spot I have wanted to shot for a while and then some well deserved studio time.
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Pat said...

Absolutely breathtaking pictures! I must see this place.

A's Mom said...

Beautiful! Well worth the traveling!

Carl said...

The truly amazing part is that the cave is so dark inside except for the shaft of light on the water it is hard to see all this color. When I got home and put them ont the computer I was even a little amazed my self. Also nobody in Dover wants to make a big deal about it. If you don't know it is there you'd never find it even though it is a town park and well maintained trail.


Janice Thomson said...

Wow! I have missed some fantastic photos...your work just keeps getting better and better.

Carl said...

Hi Janice!

Welcome back from your summer blog break. Thanks for the kind words.

Russell DiMaria said...

1) How far is the hike from your parked car to the entrance of the falls? ...
2) How difficult is the hike from your parked car to the entrance of the falls?