Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Morning Photos

What a luxury... Being able to get out with my camera two days in a row and it is only 10am on Sunday. This foggy morning shot was taken around sunrise a few miles from my home.

Now I am heading into the studio while it is still cool enough to work on some watercolor studies. I'll post some of them here this week.

It's a big world... get out there and take pictures of it!

Keep makin' Art!

Post Script - Wenderina (my wife, best friend and art director) felt the vertical shot from sunday was better. While I like the horizontal... What do you folks out in blogland think? No worries no argument here... When she has a difference of opinion about my art I have learned to take notice. Wenderina has a great eye and sees things I miss sometimes.



Jo said...

I heard a voice saying, "Ohhhhhhh....." when I clicked on that picture, and then I realized it was me.


Carl said...

I am quite happy with the shots from this morning. I have been driving past this spot for years saying I must photograph it.


Kate Hanley said...

Your photos are just amazing, this one is so peaceful.

Wenderina said...

You should post the portrait oriented shot as well...remember we said we'd let people vote on their preference!

Carl said...

Kate - Thanks I like this one too.

Wenderina - check out the Postscript to my post. We can let the readers chime in.

Wenderina said...

How can you not like the vertical best? It's like a Maxfield Parish painting come to life. All you need is the girl in the twisted sheet (i.e. Ecstacy) throwing her head back to the heavens. (No, I won't be modeling that)

Brenda said...

I agree with your wife. Beautiful work! First time visitor.. came from Jo's blog.

Dave King said...

Superb, both of them, though i especially like the first one. Stunning.

Janice Thomson said...

Both shots can hold their own very well but myself I like the depth of the first one - these are simply breath-taking.

Carl said...

Brenda - Welcome to the blog!

Dave - Thank you as always I value your opinions.

Janice. Thank You again!

OK Wenderina wins everyone voted for the vertical shot. Like I said she has a great eye.