Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time for a facelift?

I have been thinking more and more lately that it is time to change up the look of artistic balance. I enjoyed the three column format for a long time, but I am thinking of doing something new. Does anyone have any ideas of what changed they'd like to see? Keep Makin' Art Carl


Chelle said...

I would love it if your images were a bit bigger, a lot of time I strain to see the detail, which is always plentiful in your shots.

Carl said...

Hi Chelle - Good Idea. I'll look into it.


Victoria Fatum said...

Bigger photos are always a plus! You take such great shots! I went through this with my blog too. Kinda like the whole website thing. But, you know what my blog looks like now *lol*

Carl said...

Hi Vicki - Yeah I think I'll work on the image size and I want to make a common logo across all my stuff. web page / blog / constant contact.

Thanks as always for your advice.