Saturday, April 16, 2011

First trip to Skylands 2011

I made my first trip to Skylands of the 2011 season this morning. Flowers are starting to bloom. Over the next two weeks the place should really come to life. I did get a few flowers and then did some experimental high dynamic range shots of some of the statues in the gardens. I am looking forward to another year of many trips to the gardens.

Tomorrow I will be heading to the Bronx Botanical Garden for the annual orchid show. I hope to come home with some great photos so check back tomorrow afternoon.

Keep Makin' Art!


Linda said...

Hi Carl~ I just read your post, sounds like you had a great time...I love the statues and the detail on them....The faces are of different emotions and all have an angelic quality to them....Great contrast! Flower is amazing how you captured it..It looks like it is effortlessly floating...nice soft pastel color ! Have a great time at the show and I will check back tomorrow, greetings, Linda

Carl said...

Thanks Linda! I posted first few shots from the orchid show just now and will be putting up four or five a day this week.