Sunday, April 17, 2011

NYBG | Orchid Show 2011

 I have just returned from The Orchid Show at the New york Botanical Garden in the Bronx.  What an amazing show.  I have never seen so many varieties of orchids in one place with so much opportunity to capture wonderful photographs.  I never thought I'd fill up a 4 gb memory card, but I did.  next time i go I will bring more memory.  There are plenty of images left to edit, I will post them over the next few days.  

What great watercolors some of these will make!

I finally feel like spring is here.  I hope you do too.

Keep Makin' Art!



Carl said...

PS - Chelle I took your advice about bigger pics. Thanks! CS

Linda said...

Carl~ I can't imagine the feeling you had at the show...what a wonderful photo op! These are such beautiful images....They pop with such nice colors and patterns...I love the butterfly on the last one...great composition and light...they are very soft and delicate...I so enjoyed, thanks for sharing, Linda

Carl said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks! plenty more to come. I will dole them out over the next few days. It really was quite a show. I had only been to the conservatory at NYBG one other time for a christmas train show years ago. This was quite special. What i like best about having all these beautiful flowers to shoot is you need to have a basic plan and then stick to it so you can think about focus and compostion. It keeps yours skills really sharp.

Victoria Fatum said...

Ah, these are beautiful, Carl! They blow mine out of the water! I'm so glad you went to see it!

Carl said...

Hi Vicki -
Hi praise indeed, but I still think your compositions are stronger. I tend to want to put flowers mid frame and have to stop myself. Yours seem so effortless. I know they are not. A lot of work goes into them, but they seem so easy and natural. Trust me it is me who is constantly playing catch up.

Dave King said...

I do, I do! If I hadn't before, I would have after seeing this knockout collection!

Carl said...

Thanks Dave - I totally enjoyed myself. truth is I would have enjoyed it even if I had forgotten my camera. Keep checking back. I have enough images for two or three days worth of posts.