Monday, April 18, 2011

NYBG | More Orchids

Here are a few more images from the orchid show yesterday.  When I first walked in to the conservatory my glasses and lens quickly fogged up from the tropical environment,  After a few minutes things normalized and I was able to get to work.  I ended up being one of the first few people in to the show on Sunday morning.  This was key to getting some shots with out a lot of people around.  I do have to say even when it is crowded things are arranged in a way that you can get great shots without people in the background.  You may have to wait for you chance to get your spot to take your shot, but it will be worth it.  I have one bit of advice if you are going to the show with your camera.  Bring extra memory!  I went thru a 4gb card.  I never thought I'd fill that up in a couple hours at a flower show... but I did.

Keep Makin' Art!


Pat said...

So beautiful!

Victoria Fatum said...

colors... beautiful. Detail... wonderful. Really nice job, Carl!

Victoria Fatum said...

P.S... did you end up anywhere near my exif numbers with these?

Dave King said...

They just go on getting better and better.
How is that possible?

Carl said...

Mom - Thanks! next year we'll make a trip of it and go together!

Victoria - Thanks! and yes your exif #s got me very close. in bright spots 200 asa @ between open and f8 did the trick. in darker areas it was 64- or 800 asa between open and f4.

Dave - Thank you sir! I have enough to post for another day or two. It was really a very productive couple of hours. I don't get much chance to shoot without a tripod. This really helps sharpen your composition skills.

Mama Lou said...

Hey,these are so beautiful
Pleaseinclude me in your trip with your mom to see htese beautiful flowera.
Mom #2

Carl said...

Mama Lou - you got it.