Monday, April 04, 2011


Often at this time of year... that time between the last snow and the return of lush, green spring I have trouble finding subjects to shoot in color. Last week NYC gave me a different opportunity. This week I challenged myself to find subjects that were interesting in the limited palette we find until things green up. I drove up into the Catskill Mountains and came away with these three photos. The red barn is my hands down favorite. I am thrilled with what I got when I pushed myself a little to find photographs.

Tomorrow Some more photos from the butterfly conservatory...

Keep Makin' Art!


Elisabeth said...

Despite the limited colours here, Carl, the sky is so blue.

Carl said...

Hi Elisabeth. The sky was quite blue, but a good polarizing filter is what brings out out in the image.


Janice Thomson said...

Isn't that true Carl...there is much to photograph if one learns to look outside the box.
That red barn would make a very good painting hint hint :)
Thanks for the welcome back and for your kind comments.
As for fractals I really enjoy using Mandelbulb and Apophysis both which can be used by is the Apophysis link:

Hope that works...
The latest fractals I've been exploring is using Mandelbulb -
here is a link to the page where the download can be found:

Carl said...

Janice. Yeah the red barn would make a really nice painting. I may have to think about that.

Thanks for the fractal links. Now that I think of it Apophysis was the one I used on my PC. I'll download the mac version and try it again.