Friday, September 03, 2010

Cape Cod 2010

Captain Bang Hallets House

Higgins Farm Windmill

Nobska at Sunset

Coastguard Beach

Sesuit Sunrise

We are home from a glorious week on Cape Cod. We left a day early to beat the traffic from pending storm, but still had one of the best and most Cape weeks. Great food, great friends, great art and one of the most beautiful places in the world.

This is just a post of this years Cape images. There are bout 20 more really strong ones I will post over the next few weeks.

Thank You Wendy, Laura, Terry, Dave, Chloe and Max for one of the best weeks ever!

Keep Makin' Art


Dave King said...

Absolutely superb images - and good on you for not getting mixed up with the storm!

Carl said...

Hi Dave - Thanks! We really had some great weather while we were there ands the light was absolutely perfect. My creative juices start flowing there like no where else. We are going to Italy in a few weeks with friends. I can only hope my photos there as a good. With the Cape I have the advantage of having been there 10 or 20 times and know by now (at least in general) where the light will be good at what time.


Jo said...

Oh, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...! I would love to see more.

It sounds as if you had a wonderful time. :-)

jeannette said...

Love especially the windmill!

Janice Thomson said...

Is the windmill shot an infra-red? Like how you captured the shadow on the base. Definitely excellent these shots Carl.

Carl said...

Hi Janice yes All of my B&Ws from the cape this year are IR. I was going to shoot a lot more of it... but we err'd on the side of caution and left a day and half early rather than deal with potential problems from hurricane Earl.