Saturday, September 04, 2010

Cape Cod 2010 Photographs

Here is a link to an album I posted of the photographs from this weeks trip. Over time I will post each of them here with a story or something about the photo, but wanted to get them out for you to see.

Now to hopefully turn some of theses wonderful photos into paintings.

Keep Makin' Art


Helen said...

Your photos are lovely .... looking forward to artistic works.

Your reply to Dave's post about endearing names (not!) was priceless!

Carl said...

Thanks Helen - I am heading to studio now If I can break away from the computer. After a week away from the computer and blackberry I find it disturbingly difficult to walk away from.
Must... turn.... off... computer... now!!!! Oh wait i have to update my IPOD.


Janice Thomson said...

Can't wait to see your paintings of these shots Carl...also to hear the story regarding them.

Carl said...

Some of the stories will be boring like like 'got up at 4am for this one'... but others I took the time to write my impressions of the scene as i was working. It would be cool to put some of that feeling into words. Not the easiest thing for me... but i like a challenge.


Victoria Fatum said...

All the photos you have posted in your FB album are wonderful! It must be nice to have that much color in the sky out there... I struggle with that all the time in Maine... Seems like every where I'd like to be at sunset doesn't get the sunset sky! Oh well, makes me keep searching!

Carl said...

Hi Victoria - What I did not get this year was a dazzling sunset on the bay side, but I have plenty of those so all the shots with the sift sky before sunrise and the sunset off of nobska point where a great trade. Some years i get just one or two. This was a bounty year to be sure.