Monday, September 06, 2010

9/6/2010 - New Infrareds from Skylands

There was incredible light today for infrareds. Nice bright clear day with strong light works best for these photos.
I went back to Skylands to fine tune some compositions I had already photographed and take advantage of being there at the right time of day.
I look forward to shooting this kind of stuff in Italy in a few weeks. Just wonder how I will get all those people out of my shots in the middle of the day. I may have to get used to the idea of people as part of the composition.

Keep Makin' Art!


Janice Thomson said...

Wow, wow, wow Carl - These are excellent photos. Have you shown any of these in a gallery? Again, superb work.

Carl said...

Hi Janice - I have a few in a bin in mats at the gallery I am in to start with. I want to put together some more and hope to get a bunch while I am in Italy. I am trying to put together a pre holiday weekend sale with a photographer friend of mine. We have a lot of the same stuff so I want display the IR at that show. Once back from Italy I was considering a book of images and and how to's on digital IR as well.

Thanks again for the kind words!

Victoria Fatum said...

These are all beautiful, Carl!

Carl said...

Thanks Victoria! at some point after the Italy trip I will go through them all and start a book.

Sanna said...

Truly beautiful and interesting photos. =)Looks like a fairytale.

Carl said...

Thank you Sanna! I am really quite happy with them and yes there is a fairy tale quality to them that I like.


Victoria Fatum said...

I'm tossing around the idea to head down to shoot here tomorrow... supposed to be a nice day!

Carl said...

Hi Victoria-
Tomorrow is supposed to be great enjoy. I can't wait to see what you shoot. Ringwood manor is across the road from Skylands and is another great spot. Let me know if you have any ?? I'd be out there too, but I am booked tomorrow. I hope to be in the studio painting Sunday!