Friday, May 28, 2010


8x10" 300 lb Arches / American Journey Watercolors

Here is the Iris 99% done. once it is totally dry I'll put in a little cool shadow color around the stem and the bottom of the petals to push the flower forward.

So what do you think?

Next project will be a painting of one of my waterfall shots. I feel like I am capturing the flowers now I want to try flowing water over rocks. Look for some disasters as I figure out what I am doing. I promise to show you and talk about the good and the bad.

Keep Makin' Art


Dave King said...

Fabulous. No other word for it. Tread carefully, my friend with the 1% - but not timidly! Fabulous!

Carl said...

Thanks Dave! I am thrilled with this one. Think I'll pick one of my waterfall shots and see if I can get paint to look like water flowing over rocks.

pilgrimchick said...

That is a fanastic result--I love how the colors came out. Well done!

Carl said...

Thanks PilgrimChick. This one almost painted itself.

Janice Thomson said...

Stunning painting Carl - the colours so vibrant - love this.
Can't wait to see how your water painting turns out!

Carl said...

Thanks Janice! It is great to see you back among my commenters. I hope you are doing well.