Sunday, May 09, 2010

Next Layer in Fields of Gold Paininting

In trying to get some of the darker areas of color down and get them blended in I lost my way. I ended up throwing a layer of gold and yellow and orange on top and blending away to get back to this so I can rethink my next steps. I am thrilled I was able to think on my feet and get back to this point so that I did not end up losing anything but a little time. The acrylics dry so fast.
Part of me wishes I had stopped and framed what I had done last week it was warm and organic and felt right, but I am inspired by how that turned out and by a comment my friend Trina made to work on a series of these color explorations like what I painted last week.

Lessons Learned So Far
  1. Always have a plan.... just like watercolor acrylic paint dries very fast and if you wander off course there is very little time to correct or address.
  2. Acrylics are going to be a gateway medium for me bridging what I know how to do in watercolor to what I want to achieve in oil painting.
  3. Don't panic. I am glad I was able to keep things in check and be able to keep going with the painting... but in reality you can always just paint the canvas over with white gesso and start again.
  4. Every mistake you make while painting adds to the things you know (even if it is what not to do) and will make you a better painter.
  5. Even what felt like a bad experience was kind of fun being messy and pushing some paint around.
  6. Save the hi-res version of the photos I take documenting my painting. early stages of a painting may make great starting points for photoshop experiments.
So I learned six things from what had felt like a disaster at the time. Not bad. I'm sure I was grouchy for the twelve hours it has taken to gain this perspective, but at least I am here now. Hopefully my struggle with my artistic monsters will make it easier for you to jump in if you are getting ready to paint.

Keep Makin' Art


Dave King said...

And some mistakes are the work of genius! I'd be tempted to leave that just as it is - and start the Golden Rod again. It's great. I shall watch this series with interest - think you may be on to a winner.

Carl said...

Thank you Dave. I am compelled to finish this, but maybe I will try my techniques on a smaller canvas until I figure out how I want to finish. I see a whole series of abstract and minimalist landscapes in my future.