Saturday, May 15, 2010

Awosting Falls

After a long night at work I pulled into the parking area near Minnewaska State Park Preserve. I now sit on the rocks by Awosting Falls. My camera and tripod are all set up. I must wait for the sun to catch up with me. The sun is now lighting the trees above the falls. Soon the natural amphitheater of rock the falls flow into will be lit with golden morning light. I need to catch it at just the right moment. For now I am happy to enjoy the scene and let Pete Seeger songs play on my Ipod. Talk about a perfect morning.

Keep Makin' Art

Post Script - I broke another of my personal rules by listening to my IPod while out in the woods... I never do this.... but I had an hour to wait for the sun and felt some of Pete Seeger's music added to the scene before me.
On a technical note. While a beautiful waterfall Awosting is very difficult to capture with a camera The light becomes too strong very quickly and the contrast range gets out of control. I was quite happy to get these shots. Tomorrow some close up shots of the stream by the falls.

Keep Makin' Art!

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