Friday, May 14, 2010

Pine Meadow Brook

I am working tonight so am at home during the day today. I had hoped to get up early and shoot a waterfall about ninety minutes from home. It turned out the weather men were right and it rained this morning so I could not go out. I thought it would kill my chances to get some images today so I slept in. When the rain stopped I had a chance to get out. It was a nice warm spring afternoon in the mountains and there was a nice cool breeze coming off of Pine Meadow Brook. I don't normally shoot in the middle of the day, but was able to find some great shots today.

I have photographed this brook in every season and every time of day. I have never been there and failed to get some great shots.

I had a great time and would have been happy even if I did not have my camera with me... Around every bend in the trail there was something new to see. The greens were totally saturated and the sound of the brook just made me happy.

I hope your day was as good.

Keep Makin' Art,


Adrian LaRoque said...

Great photos, congratulations!

Dave King said...

Superb shots. My kinda place, absolutely.

Elisabeth said...

The green is that gorgeous spring green, that I love best of all. Great images. Now I suppose you'll paint them. And show us the outcome, I hope. Thanks Carl.

Carl said...

Adrian - Thanks!

Dave - I am very lucky. This wonderful State Park is about 15 minutes from my house.

Elisabeth - that is the plan. Hopefully Sunday. I have never done a running water painting. It is time I figured it out. Then I have to get back to the Fields of Gold Acrylic. Sounds like my Sunday just got fully booked.


Chelle said...

Carl-I LOVE that top shot!