Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Three of a Pear - Watercolor Finished

Color me done. Here is the finished painting with just a bit more shading and the speckles added. I am really happy with it and love the colors.

What to paint or photograph next. Hmmmmmm.

Keep Makin' Art


Elisabeth said...

I'm not surprised that you love it. you've brought those gorgeous colours into the realm of the real with your speckles and shading. What next, indeed.

Carl said...

thank You Elisabeth. I probably won't pick up a brush again until Sunday... Big project at work will have me busy until Saturday. So I have a coupe days to ponder what to paint.


Dave King said...

This has been a thoroughly worthwhile series of posts. Great painting. Hope you got as much from it as others will.

Wenderina said...

So, can I eat the pears now?

Carl said...

Dave - Many thanks!

Wenderina... Yes you can eat the pears. they are in the studio on the table.

Diane Hutchinson said...

Hi Carl,
Beautiful Artwork!! Fresh and lively!
I love the photo of your palette. I get excited when I see those colors!!!