Friday, February 19, 2010

Drawing to Start Lemon Watercolor

Here is the drawing for the lemon still life I am working on.

My plan is to start out like the pepper watercolor by getting in a soft line at the horizon and using soft purples for the shadows in the bowl to ground it and play well off of the yellow of the lemons.

I will post a few updates as I make progress over the weekend.

Keep Makin' Art


Doris Glovier said...

Looking forward to your progress on this beautiful still life.

Carl said...


Thanks.. Looking at it now on the blog I see the shape of the lemon in front needs to be adjusted a little. I kind of made that up because i felt it was too round in the photo. Luckily I just have the background wash done so there is time. Look for a few more posts this weekend.


Elisabeth said...

It must be fun to start from scratch and work your way up, never quite knowing how it will all pan out. I really enjoy sharing the process with you. Thanks, Carl.

Carl said...

Hi Elisabeth. It is fun. It reminds me of how many correct choices you have to make in an unforgiving medium like watercolor to get where you wanted to at the outset. Sometimes the journey takes you in a whole different direction than you originally planned.

I hope to get more interactive with the painting demos and get some people inspired to try watercolor.