Sunday, February 14, 2010

Peppers- Watercolor - First Washes

Stage one drawing

First wash separates horizon so Peppers are anchored in painting with a cool wash on the background.

Next wash. build up cool shadows and fill in second pepper pushing it into the background. This sets the stage for the next wash.

Well under way this is the first wash with the reds of the peppers. Warm reds on the main pepper and cooler reds and purples in the background pepper. This pushes the main pepper forward.
Next stage will be pulling out the shapes with some scrubbing of highlights and adding shadows.

Total drawing and painting time to date 90 minutes plus time between washes to dry.

One of the things I really like about this painting besides the nice Juicy reds is that from the moment I took the picture I knew the approach I was going to take in this painting. So far it is just flying out of my brushes. None of that what do I do next feeling. You can't get away with that in watercolor... Some people are good enough... I can't. I need a plan so I can be free to let the painting happen.

Keep Makin' Art


Von said...

Going beautifully Carl!!!

Carl said...

Thank YOu Von. It is turning out well.