Sunday, September 21, 2008

Its All About the Light

These are two more images from my shooting Sunday morning. I am truly fortunate to live in such a beautiful place as the Hudson Valley. Great photots are as simple as notincing a farm on a backroad and coming back to shoot it early in the morning or late in the say when the golden light skates accross everything you se and makes them really pop. In this case Wildflowers (or weeds I can never tell, but they are pretty with the light on them so we'll call them wildflowers) with a soft background lit up by the morning light make terrific subjects.

Which brings me to my point. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LIGHT! Once you accept that as a photographer the rest is showing up and composing the photo. So get out there and shoot this fall and tell me what you are working on this Autumn.



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Janice Thomson said...

Love all these photographic hints you speak about - it helps beginners like myself. Love that first photo - wouldn't that make an awesome painting? Beautiful.