Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall is in the air

Hello Fellow Artists-

I have been back from vacation for two weeks. I am back in the work groove. I have picked my next painting picked out. I will on "Early Morning Sandwich, Ma." from my last post. I am preparing to retire to the studio to work on it. I have been thinking of how to approach for a while now and hope to get it done today. I'll post photos of it when done. After that I'd like to work on a couple of Cap Cod Cottages.

I am also looking forward to a photo workshop I am taking on 10/20.

What projects are you working on as the summer turns to Autumn?



Janice Thomson said...

Carl would you feel comfortable showing us the progression of your painting? It is so neat to watch an artist at work!

Carl said...

Hi Janice,

Yes I'd be happy too. The version I started Sunday went off the tracks. I know what I want to do now so will photograph and post each phase of the painting.