Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Good Morning's Work

This morning I awake around 6:30 and found one f the best mornings of the year. I could not waste light like this so i headed out to the farm country near Warwick, NY (about 45 minutes from home) and found these wonderful images. There are some winners there. I am really looking forward to the fall nature photography I'll be doing this year.

I promised I would show the stages of a watercolor I am working on in a series of posts. I will work on that this week and send up some images of the painting in progress.


Tree in Pasture near Warwick, New York

"You Lookin' at me?"

Morning light on farm, Warwick, NY


Janice Thomson said...

Oh Carl these images are dynamite - such wonderful colors. Autumn is truly an inspirational time.
Can't wait to see your watercolor in progress!

Carl said...

Thanks Janice!
I'll be working on the painting over the course of a couple of nights this week.