Monday, September 01, 2008

Art on the Cape

Cape Cod is not just an inspiration for me as an artist. Many artists have called it home, including my favorite Edward Hopper. Today there are many very talented artists working on the cape who are just as fascinated by the wonderful light as I am, and make a career of working there. You can witness this yourself by driving along Route 6a and visiting the many great galleries.
W and I are picky about what we by on the cape. We are driven by a taste and a small budget for art. So the pieces we get really need to speak to us. We bought this pen and ink by Selma Alden at the Fresh Paint Gallery called Class of '32. It really is a captivating piece and Selma has a marvelous way with figures.
So not only the light inspires me on Cape Cod, but the work of other talented artists who are captured by the cape intrigues me. You could have 100 artists paint the same scene and get a 100 different visions from it.
So if you are an artist and feel a little stuck... get out there and see more artists.

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A's Mom said...

What a great piece. Can't wait to see it in person.