Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Work Shop - Hudson Bread Co. North bergen, NJ

 I wish I had been a tad more careful in framing this shot.  If I had included all of the hands and bread it would have been a stunner.  All in all I am happy with it.

 In the interest of full disclosure the lighting for this portrait was worked out by Chris Ramirez.  I worked with the subject and shot with my camera.

MMMM Bread!

Today I was on a work shop on photojournalism techniques hosted by Nick Zungoli and Chris Ramirez at the Hudson Bread Co. in North Bergen, NJ.  This was a departure from the landscape work I have done in the past with Nick.  The workshop was excellent.  It was run by two great working pros and the facility at Hudson Bread Co was a joy to shoot in and the staff were very friendly in helping us to get our shots while they were busy making bread.  All in all a great day.  I learned a bunch of stuff I will be able to carry through to all of my shooting.  Thanks Nick and Chris for an awesome day.

Keep Makin' Art!



Dave King said...

Different - but still with the touch of the master!

Carl said...

Thank You Dave. It is a different world! Fast paced and you are making so many decisions so quickly. I took away some great info that will make me a better photographer.


Victoria Fatum said...

I would have loved to have been able to do this workshop! Great photos, Carl!

Carl said...

Hi Victoria - It was a great day. I learned some good stuff, got some awesome shots in a place I would not normally get to and had fun.

Blogger comments blew up for 2 days last week and a couple weeks of comments vanished. I had seen all of your original comments I think. Thank you for re posting.


Rie said...

I like the close up of the hand, but my favorite is the picture of the 7 gain baguette. Beautiful. I'll be baking scali bread tomorrow. Hope they come out as beutiful as your pictures!!

Rie said...

Yeah!!!! I finally logged on corectly (teehee)

Carl said...

Rie - Yeah!!! a tech hurdle has been crossed. Glad you can comment now!

You should have been there the warm bready goodness was awesome!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

WOW!! That was some workshop, you really got some great shots. I loved that one of just the hand and bread and of course the last one was a great conclusion. Wonderful photo essay.

Carl said...

Hi Wendy - i have never worked so hard in a workshop in my life, but it was totally worth it.