Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tuxedo Falls - Spring HDR (Again!)

So... I went back to Tuxedo fall again.  I was there maybe three weeks ago and the trees had not greened up yet.  This time it was more lush and I got some nice end of day light.  The waterfall is in a bit of a shaded valley between some mountains so the lighting was a bit tricky... Even in HDR, but I am rather pleased with these.

Keep Makin' Art!


Dave King said...

Breathtaking scenes. Beautifully caught.

Carl said...

Thanks Dave. It is a tricky little spot to capture. Hopefully I won't end up in the water with my camera, but I keep going back trying to get just the right shot.


Victoria Fatum said...

Love that second shot with the smooth reflection!

Linda said...

So brilliant Carl! You always turn the water into silk.....Lovely shade of green in the leaves, what a magical place, I so enjoyed all of these....greetings, Linda

Carl said...

Victoria - Thanks! it is one of my favs too.
Linda- Thanks! yes it is one of those spots that shows off for the camera.