Friday, May 06, 2011

Walking in the Shadows of Giants - Point Lobos - Carmel California

We were in California this week for my niece Paige's Bat Mitzvah (You did a great job Paige we are SO proud!! I'll post more on that this weekend).  we had decided to take a side trip with Mom and Dad for a couple of days.  When mom started to mention Carmel I thought great I can get my camera out for a bit... Then it dawned on me that Edward Weston and Ansel Adams had lived and worked in the area and photographed Point Lobos.  We just got home tonight and here are the first few images.... It was a bit daunting to set up my camera in a place where these two masters had stood before me... Everywhere I went I could see them focusing on the ground glass of an 8x10 camera and photographing the Pacific in this magical spot.  I can see why they were drawn here.  The place is absolutely beautiful and for a landscape photographer it is like being in a holy place.  I went to Point Lobos four different times over three days.  I could have spent months.  I can only imagine what it is like in the foggy winter months.  The morning light was just breathtaking.  I think the two legendary masters would approve of what i was able to capture.

Kudos to the state of California for recognizing the importance of this place and keeping it wild.  The park has some great trails for running / hiking and some wheelchair accessible trails so the amazing sites can be seen by all.  Yet it is keep as simple as possible with signage and extra stuff to a minimum.  

 Cypress Cove - Point Lobos

 South Shore Trail - Point Lobos

  South Shore Trail - Point Lobos

 Weston Beach - Point Lobos

 Carmel Highlands from Route 1

North Trail - Whaler's Cove - Point Lobos

Tomorrow black and white images from Point Lobos.

Keep Makin' Art!


Victoria Fatum said...

These are all great Carl! The color of the water is incredible! I would love see this and set up my camera for a while and capture this beautiful seascape! Really nice job!

Carl said...

Vicki - Knowing it was a local favorite for Ansel Adams made the place almost holy to me. Like I should not shoot here because perfection had already been achieved here, but I was so inspired I had to do my own interpretations. I will say i wish it was open a bit later so i could have gotten the sunset off of those cliffs and that water... Ah well there is always next time.


MariesImages said...

These are gorgeous. Beautiful color and details, lovely texture and composition!

Carl said...

Marie - Welcome to my Blog and Thank You. i wandered over to see some of your stuff. Your HDR images just knocked my socks off. Really nice work. I'll be back to see more.


Victoria Fatum said...

Before my comment was zapped, I did comment on the beautiful blues in the water *lol*