Friday, April 08, 2011


I was visiting Janice Thomson's wonderful blog Beyond the Mind's Eye . I saw her amazing fractals and was reminded of how much fun they were to create... So while I am hiking in the woods you can ponder this fractal. I am calling it "Into the Fire".

Keep Makin' Art


Dave King said...

Intriguing in the extreme, but to be blunt, I'd rather be with you in the woods. Have a great day.

Carl said...

Dave - Yes. Nothing replaces the woods for me. That is where I am at home to be sure. It is fun to dabble in something different every now and again.

Janice Thomson said...

This is lovely Carl - a very neat design.

I'm with Dave - Id rather be in the woods too but I find when I am doing artwork I often reach into the fractal program - it is thrilling to see what the end results will be. It inspires and teaches about lighting (in the 3D Mandelbulb you have control over the lighting effects, the amount of decay and of course the xyz etc etc)I find it loosens up my creativity and makes me think outside the box.