Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Barns in Black and White

Here are three barns from the other day done as B&W images. Which is better? Hard to tell. I think the B&Ws are generally better this time of year, but the color photo of the shot in the bottom of this grouping... would probably be my favorite shot of all of them.

What do you think? Color or B&W for old barns??

Keep Makin' Art!


Dave King said...

These are wonderful images - technically and aesthetically.

Unknown said...

B & W shots are all the rage now and are wonderful for the right subject matter. In landscapes and buildings BW lends to an other worldly feeling, especially with the clouds. However, with color shots the character of a building is captured in all the details of the various shades of faded, pealing paint, tired boards and thriving weeds surrounding it.

Carl said...

Dave - Thanks. These were worth the long day in the car to get the shots I think.

Trina - I keep going back and forth... Maybe I should just say I like both the color and B&W for the reasons you explained. Thanks for posting!

Janice Thomson said...

Both are delightful to view but in the case of old barns my own personal opinion is that the weathering of the wood comes through more in colour...but I love the clouds in the B&W's! Well how's that for diplomacy LOL.

Carl said...

Hi janice. yeah. I am struggling with which I like. I am leaning towards a sepia B&W as a compromise.

Janice Thomson said...

Oh! Good idea...I'd like to see that Carl. Do post one please.