Sunday, March 20, 2011

More HDR Experimentation.

I photographed More HDR (High Dynamic Range) images today at one of my favorite places... Indian Brook Falls in Garrison, NY. I took these shots around two pm. Anyone who shoots waterfalls knows this is normally a useless time to photograph the falls because the strong light together with the white of the water makes for harsh lighting with blown out highlights in the water. HDR uses multiple exposures of the same scene (for example one taken as the meter in the camera suggests then one shot two stops over and a third two stops overexposed. This should give you enough information to capture the parts of the image that can't be recorded in a single image. It can have some very striking results. Here are my efforts for today. I am quite happy with them. Note the detail in the lights and the shadow areas you might not normally see. This effect can be too much and I would not suggest using it all the time, but I like these and really think the B&Ws are really quite stunning.

Keep Makin' Art!


LR Photography said...

Great work!

Carl said...

Hi Adrian - Thanks. I really like the way both of the B&Ws turned out. I am not 100% sure on the color. The effect may be over the top. I am going to re do the HDR on both of them and see what I come up with.


Victoria Fatum said...

I really like both of the B/W images. Really nice detail.

Carl said...

Hi Victoria - Here I agree the HDR effects made the bw better the color shots look a little too much I think.