Sunday, November 07, 2010

A New Journey Begins

Still life setup for class paintings.
First underpainting.

Next attempt... When happy with the shapes I started to put in shadows.
Still more progress. Basic shapes in, shadows added and started to work on background.

I finally started my journey into oil painting. I am taking classes with Delah McKay in her Nyack, NY studio on Saturdays. I am learning the basics of oil painting and still life from the ground up. This is a totally new medium to me and one I was totally intimidated by, but Delah is helping me get over that. I can not believe the progress I have made in two sessions. It turns out Oils feel like the right medium for me and I am really enjoying this new journey. I will post my progress on new paintings and what I am learning here.

I will never give up watercolor, but I love the idea of having other mediums that I am comfortable with and can work in.

Keep Makin' Art!


Dave King said...

Amazing to think you achieved that after two sessions. A masterclass for us all.

Carl said...

Hi Dave-
You are too kind! I am off to a good start, but it will take me years to get where I want to get.


Krista Hasson said...

This is looking good, how are you finding the oils? I notice you have not posted any paintings in a while. Are you still working with the oils?

Carl said...

Hi Krista - Oh yes I am fully engaged in adding oils to my toolkit. I reconfigured my studio at home and started on one yesterday. Due to scheduling issues... some mine and some my instructors we have not gotten together in a few weeks. I love the half day saturday format, but had some things I had already promised to do on Saturdays. Now that Thanksgiving is over and we'll be back to normal tomorrow I hope to spend some quality studio time and with any luck will make it to class three weeks out of the month starting with the new year.