Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Joy of a clean studio

After about five hours of cleaning and organizing yesterday... I found there was indeed a studio out there and not just a store room. Yeah! I am looking forward to pushing some paint around tonight after the rest of my chores are done.

Keep Makin' Art


Dave King said...

You have just made me feel very guilty. more power to your paint pushing!

Carl said...

Dave - Don't feel bad the studio took 5 hours to get back into shape and then the honeydew list took up the rest of the weekend. I thought about painting, but with family arriving Tuesday for the Thanksgiving holiday it is a sprint to the finish.


Victoria Fatum said...

wow! What a great space that is!

Carl said...

Hi Victoria. Yeah. I like it! For a tiny space it shore had a lot of boxes and junk and frames and supplies in it. Getting back in useable shape was a chore, but one that was worth while.