Sunday, March 01, 2009

Portrait - The Munchkins

When I was in California in January I never put my camera down. Wandering the city, at family parties and soccer games.

One evening after dinner at my brother's I got my nieces (the Munchkins M and P) sit for an informal portrait in the living room. At first I thought I would leave it in color because the warm tones in the room were great. in the end I found them overpowering and came up with this monochrome image with some of the color brought back in. I think it is a great shot of two wonderfully unique sisters.
The original shot is below for comparison. The first step was to crop out the extra space and then to work on the monochrome image. Finally I added a frame to complete it.

Thank you M&P for being patient models while crazy Uncle C took your pictures.


Kate Hanley said...

I totally agree with your decision, the second portrait is so powerful and beautiful. It's so amazing to me that you could see that second picture in the first one but then, I sit in amazement of artists all the time. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Janice Thomson said...

Very nice Carl! Love your selective colouring. As much as I love colour I have to agree with your choice on this. Well done.

Carl said...

Kate and Janice,

Thanks. I am pretty pleased with the results. I may even look for a few more images to try these techniques on.