Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I was Wordled

Inspired by my Fractals my wife, the lovely and talented Wenderina, set out to find a way to do "fractals with words" and created the wordle on top of the right column of my blog. Thanks sweetie! I love it.

You can create your own Wordle at

Keep being creative!


Janice Thomson said...

That is a really neat link Wenderina.
Thanks for providing that. Like what you did with it on Carl's blog.

Wenderina said...

Thanks Janice. It was fun to figure out - this is my best contribution to the art in our life so far...that and taking out the checkbook when we see something special!

nan said...

I love the wordle site - and that was a very sweet tribute!

Bonnie Allen said...

Just dropping by to say how much I love the barn painting below and the photographs. Excellent!

Dave King said...

Intriguing.. Very!

Carl said...

Bonnie and Dave... Welcome. Please visit often. Carl