Monday, November 24, 2008

Cape Cod - Art

One of the things I love about Cape Cod as an artist is that any where you go you can find art to be photographed or painted. I saw these four jars outside of an antique store in Barnstable and I just loved the composition. All I had to do was come back when the light was right. I picked a cloudy day to get the most saturation and detail. Then all I had to do was let this New England scene speak for itself. I just love this image for its balance and simple lines.
Keep Makin' Art
PS - I worked on a painting of hat boxes Wenderina photographed while on the Cape this summer. I will finish it this week and post here.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Pat said...

I like the photo. It definitly feels like New England.

Wenderina said...

Love this. Paint it Paint it Paint it!

Carl said...


Wenderina says paint it... I gues I have to paint it.


Mama Lou said...

Once again your eye for composition and light is amazing.
See you soon.

Janice Thomson said...

Love the textures and shapes in this too. It seems like a simple composition but there's actually a lot for the eye to take in. Well done Carl.

Carl said...

Thanks Janice and Marylou


Eve said...

I love it...thanks Carl!