Sunday, July 22, 2012

Update on Artistic Balance solo show at Flywheel Gallery

Things are coming in to focus quickly now.  My solo gallery show is 18 days away.  When I found out what the dates were earlier this year it seemed like such a long way off, but as is always the case the time has gone by much more quickly than I expected.  The postcards for the show arrived yesterday.  The picture above is a copy of the postcard.  Once the images were decided on then the work of picking how to print them and what sizes took some time.  Prints start arriving this week.  I have a storage unit setup with shelves to hold the images until it is time to hang them.  Over the next few weeks I will be posting photos and articles about the show and some of the details that have gone into getting ready to hang my first gallery show.  The edge of my computer monitor is covered in post it notes with lists and to-do's and reminders about the show.  One thing I am making sure to do is enjoy this.  I am being careful to not get so bogged down in the prep work and remember  that this is in part a celebration for me about reaching one of my life goals as an artist.  There are plenty left to go, but I am enjoying this one.  Those artistic life goals are somewhere around here on a post it note so I don't forget.  Below are some of the dates and times for events around the show.  I hope to see many of my friends at the gallery while the show is on, but fear not!  I know summer is crazy with vacations and work and such,  I will document the show going up and the show for future posts.

Artistic Balance
at the Flywheel Gallery
August 9th-26th

Opening Reception
Saturday August 11th 2-7pm
Please join us if you are in the greater NY area.

free mini-workshop with Carl
Thursday August 16th 7-9pm
portrait demonstration
If you have ever wondered what is needed for professional quality portraits with a digital camera stop in for this free mini-workshop.  I will discuss equipment, technique and demonstrate some portrait techniques for the photographer who wants great results, but is on a budget. 

220 Ash Street
Piermont, NY

Gallery Hours
Thurs/Sun  1 - 6 pm
Fri/Sat  1 - 9 pm

Keep Makin' Art!


Carl said...

The image on the postcard will be one of the big pieces in the show. 20x40" on canvas. I cannot wait to see it.


Dave King said...

Delicious. Enjoy. All success.

Carl said...

Thank You Dave! I am having a great time putting the show together.