Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Still More Butterflies

One more batch of butterflies from my garden.  I captured these on Sunday afternoon.  The eastern swallow tails are really quite nice this year!

On another note.  The first four large canvas pieces for my show arrived today and I was blown away by how great they turned out!  It was like Christmas morning at my house tonight opening the packages.

Keep Makin' Art!



JeannetteLS said...

These are such beautiful shots, Carl.

It is no surprise that you area kid at Christmas morning living inside of you, alongside the artist who is mounting this solo show. I wish so much that I could find a way to get there, to make the trip for your reception. But you KNOW that the people who support and follow you who cannot be there in body will be rooting for every conceivable success and be there in spirit.

Carl said...

Thanks Jeannette I can feel the support from everyone. Thank you so much.


Dave King said...

Somehow it's impossible to tire of these fabulous creatures - especially when caught by a master craftsman like yourself.

Carl said...

Dave - Thanks so much for the kind words. they are therapy for me on days when I am stressed out. It is not possible to chase these things, frame them up and get a good exposure while still thinking about what stressed me out. I am glad I caught them this week. with prints rolling in for the show and a family party this weekend not sure I will get out. I may post some of the test shots from a panaramic camera I bought kind of like a widelux. I am waiting for the film (yes film!) to get back from the lab.