Sunday, July 29, 2012

Solo Show - Progress Update

The UPS and Fed EX guys will be happy to know all of the big packages for my solo show have arrived.  They only have a couple more boxes to deliver.  We have been opening boxes all week and oohing and ahhing over the wonderful job done by my labs.  The prints on canvas and aluminum are just amazing to see.  The storage unit is filling up with prints ready to hang in the show.  to date 26 prints have arrived.
Next up sending out some more postcards and signing and getting the limited edition Grand Central prints into mats and bags.  The next two weeks leading up to hanging the show will just fly by.

Keep Making Art!


Dave King said...

I can easily imagine the excitement building. It must be great to be part of it - let alone to be IT!

Carl said...

Thanks Dave - I am really looking forward to hanging the show and sharing it with everyone.