Thursday, July 19, 2012

An invasion of butterflies

So after having the carnival on Friday and Saturday nights... the butterflies showed up in my yard on Sunday and were a pleasant distraction from the work I was trying to do for my solo show.  Good news is I took time to photograph the butterflies and managed to put in the time needed for the show.  A win-win in my book.

This weekend I'll update you with how things are progressing with my show at Flywheel Gallery.

Keep Makin' Art!


JeannetteLS said...

The yellow swallow tails area the kind of butterflies that were swirling on the beach in New Hampshire when I scattered my sisters ashes...

Just seems very cool to me to see some shots of them with the monarchs on your blog. Just beautiful shots.

Isn't there something unearthly about seeing a flutter of them together?

Dave King said...

Top shots. Top beauty, perfectly portrayed. Thanks for.

Carl said...

Jeannette - Yeah I find them amazing creatures to watch.

Dave - Thank You Sir.