Monday, August 11, 2008

Capturing the Light

Hello friends:

Sorry for the long absence. This summer has been one with many great visits from family and friends. It has been wonderful having our loved ones around, but it left little time for blogging. I do have some good material though so i should be blogging a bit more now.

I had a conversation with the great landscape photographer Nick Zungoli at an event at his gallery recently. He was remarking that we are not really shooting our subjects, but the light falling on them. I was reminded of this Saturday evening. We had taken some visiting family and friends on the Circle Line for the harbor lights tour of NYC. Now I admit... I had to know what to do with the camera for the these shots, bit the table was set for me by the end of day light and I merely had to capture an adequate exposure. Half the battle is getting to your spot when the light is right.



Steve Ballmer said...

good blog people!

A's Mom said...

Great pics! Makes us wish we were there even more! We'll do it again soon!

Mama Lou said...

Thanks, again.
We are so proud to be part of your family and enjoy times like these.
Fantastic photos. The big difference with my photos is the camera and the person behind it~~