Friday, August 29, 2008

Beach Portraits

Our journey to the cape includes a new house this year. Our friends kids are growing, we were a bit tired of the old cottage we stayed in.... so we decided to try our luck with a new house this year.
From the day we arrived I had picked out the spot to do some beach portraits. Right along our path to the beach was a small dune and see grass that looked out on the sky and just a bit of Cape Cod Bay in the background. Around 6pm the light was just right as the sun is in it daily slide to the western horizon. Everything was lit from a high side angle with warm golden light and open shadows. We were able to get these great fun shots.

This is me and my lovely wife W. (Taken by our friend Dave)

Our Friends Dave, Terry, Chloe and Max

The Girls.

Today is our last full day on wonderful Cape Cod. Saturday we head to visit friends in Marshfield Ma and then we are home and back to the grind.

Happy Labor Day Everyone!



Janice Thomson said...

What delightful shots of you and your family and friends. Love the lighting in these - it gives such a warm glow to the faces. Lovely!

nan said...

I enjoyed the photos from the Cape. The sunrise was especially lovely! It looks like you all had a wonderful time.

A's Mom said...

Great portraits! Looks like the perfect spot!